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HTC II Series HTC150 IIx290HTC200 II X 360 | HTC200 II X 560 | HTC300 II X 580 Working Area: Max. Swing Over Bed: Φ550 mm to Φ620 mm Max. Swing Over Saddle: Φ300 mm to Φ420 mm Max. Turning Diameter: Φ300 mm to Φ520 mm Max. Turning Length: 290 mm to 600 mm Spindle Center to Ground: 1030 mm to 1110 mm High-Speed Motorized Spindle: Max. Spindle Speed: 4500 RPM to 3500 RPM Spindle Power (Continuous/30min Overload): 15/22 kW to 15/18.5 kW Spindle Torque: 159/252 Nm to 251/305 Nm Spindle Nose Taper: JISA2-6 to JISA2-8 Spindle Through Hole: Φ62 mm to Φ76 mm Max Bar Diameter: Φ50 mm to Φ65 mm Spindle Bearing Diameter: Φ100 mm to Φ120 mm Chuck Size: 8 inches to 10 inches Turret: Type: Servo V8 to Servo V12 OD Tool Size: 25x25 mm Max. Boring Bar Size: Φ32 mm to Φ40 mm Tailstock: Tailstock Type: - (Not specified) to Hydraulic Tailstock Travel: - (Not specified) to 550 mm Feed Shaft: X/Z Axis Travel: 180/345 mm to 280/695 mm Rapid Feed X/Z Axis: 30/30 m/min to 24/30 m/min Guideway Type: Linear Guideway to Box Guideway X/Z Axis Power: 2.2/2.2 kW to 3/3 kW Others: Power Capacity: 35 kVA Machine Size (LxWxH): 190×158×175 cm to 260×180×213 cm Machine Weight: 3.8 t to 5.3 t Standard Options: Controller (Fanuc 0i or SIEMENS 828D), Cutting Cooling, Full Enclosure, Servo Turret, Solid Hydraulic Chuck, Hydraulic Tailstock with Live Center (for models without HTC150 Ⅱ & HTC200 Ⅱ ×360), Tool Holder, External Chain Type Chip Conveyor (Rear), Standard Accessories, Common Maintenance Tool, Soft Jaw, 3-Color Signal Lamp, Working Light, Foot Switch, Trolley

TC II Series TC25 II X 500 | TC25 II X 1000 | TC30 II X 500 | TC30 II X 1000 | TC30 II X 1500 Capacity: Swing Over Bed Diameter: Φ560 mm to Φ650 mm Swing Over Saddle Diameter: Φ320 mm to Φ420 mm Max. Turning Diameter: Φ400 mm to Φ500 mm Max. Turning Length: 548 mm (≤ Φ320) to 1490 mm (≤ Φ420) Chuck Size: 8 inches to 10 inches Bar Capacity Diameter: Φ50 mm (Opt Φ65) to Φ64 mm (Opt Φ88) Travel/Rapid: X/Z Travel: 210/610 mm to 260/1550 mm X/Z Rapid Traverse: 24/30 m/min to 16/20 m/min Spindle: Spindle Type: Belt Spindle Max. Spindle Speed: 4500 RPM to 3500 RPM Main Spindle Motor Power: 11/15 kW to 15/18.5 kW Max. Spindle Torque: 140/250 Nm to 245/400 Nm Spindle Nose: A2-6 to A2-8 Spindle Bearing Diameter (Front): Φ100 mm to Φ120 mm Turret: Turret Type: Hydraulic Turret Capacity: 12 OD Tool Size: 25×25 mm Boring Bar Diameter: Φ40 mm Tool Changing Time (Including Clamp): 0.55 s to 0.58 s Tailstock: Tailstock Type: Hydraulic Tailstock Travel: 410 mm to 1100 mm Quill Diameter: Φ100 mm Quill Travel: 120 mm Quill Bore Taper: MT NO.4 (Opt Dead MT NO.4) to MT NO.5 (Opt Dead MT NO.4) Motor: X/Z Motor Power: 1.8/1.8 kW to 2.5/2.5 kW X/Z Motor Torque: 11/11 Nm to 20/20 Nm Others: Power Capacity: 25 kVA to 30 kVA Coolant Tank: 200 L to 250 L Controller: FANUC 0I-TF Machine Size (LxWxH): 420x205x190 cm to 535x205x205 cm Machine Weight: 4.5 t to 6.3 t

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